Parent Education

Triple P is a series of parenting seminars and group discussions to help parents deal with common childhood behavioral issues. These are real world strategies with a proven history of positive results. Click Here for more information.

Family Support

We are here to support you! All Family Centre staff have backgrounds in early childhood development, or related areas. Our mission is to provide all the programs, skills and resources needed for you to raise happy, well adjusted children.

Early Childhood Development & Care

Early childhood experiences largely determine how well a person will behave and perform in later life. Take advantage of Family Centre's programs and resources to ensure your children get the best possible head start!

Developmental Screening

The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a developmental check-up tool, available at the Family Centre, which is designed to help parents learn more about their children's growth and development

Information & Referrals

Our library holds a wealth of information related to parenting and early childhood development. We are also well connected with a network of other agencies and community resources, to ensure you get the assistance you require.

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