Bear Necessities

Pincher Creek Echo
July 25, 2017

Sarah Downey from Alberta Parks was at the Pincher Creek Family Centre, known formerly as Parent Link, on July 20 to talk about bear awareness…
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Lethbridge College Returns To Pincher Creek With Regional Campus
January 5, 2017

Lethbridge College is returning to the town of Pincher Creek by opening a new regional campus, extending its reach of services in southern Alberta…
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Childcare Issues Under The Microscope In Pincher Creek Area

Pincher Creek Voice
August 24, 2016

Close to 20 Pincher Creek childcare workers recently attended one of several meetings to discuss childcare for residents who live in the area. The age range of the children discussed ran from birth to 12 years old. The meetings were run by Motivention President Launa Clark and Pincher Creek Parent Link’s Executive Director LaVonne Rideout…
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Parent Link Announces New Executive Director LaVonne Rideout

Pincher Creek Voice
March 15, 2015

“Parent Link (PL) is a great resource for children and families,” said Parent Link’s new Executive Director LaVonne Rideout. “It is a wonderful place to get connected, especially if you’re new to the community to get connected to other parents with children typically of the same age.” Rideout said that she is open to new ideas and would like to hear from the community as to their needs with their children. “It’s already a phenomenal program, and we want to continue the great work that’s going on. What I’m hearing from parents though, is they would just like more. That’s one of my goals, how do we build capacity, and sustaining what we’ve got.”…
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